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CDP Theme Day – Loving Life

I come from North Queensland in Australia and only knew about snowdrops from books until I went to live in France. When they appear in the little wood behind our 400-year old house in Blois, it’s like a rebirth after the winter and one of the reasons why I love my life in France! The photos below show a close-up of the snowdrops and how they grow in a sort of strip.
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Je viens du Queensland du nord en Australie et les perce-neiges m’étaient connus uniquement par mes lectures avant de me rendre en France. Lorsqu’ils apparaissent dans le petit bois derrière notre maison de 400 ans à Blois, c’est comme une renaissance après l’hiver et l’une des raisons que j’aime ma vie en France ! Dans les photos ci-dessous on voit les perce-neiges de plus près et ensuite la façon dont ils poussent en bande.
Le thème ce mois-ci de City Daily Photo est “loving life” qui peut être interpreté de façons différentes : aimer la vie, joie de vivre, profiter de la vie … Pour d’autres photos sur le même thème, cliquez ici.

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I’ve never managed to start and grow any both here in France and at our previous home in the UK. There are several varieties and green & white is just the start of a description of this delicate looking but hardy little gem.

@William – I’m surprised there are no snowdrops in Canada. Maybe the blue ones in April are bluebells?
@Kay – They certainly are!
@MaryBeth – Happy February to you too – last month of real winter!
@Barbara – You can ask your neighbour to give you some of the seeds when the pods form and just sprinkle them on the ground.
@Lesley – Would you like me to save some pods and send them to you?
@Susan – They are so intrepid. First we have the snowdrops, then the daffodils, all thanks to our previous owners.
@Tanya – You can have a look on

That would be very generous of you. They say that the plant grows when planted ‘in the green’ rather than by planting the corms/bulbs. Both have failed me!

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