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Covid Confinement Day 22

Jean Michel has finished building two cold frames, all from recuperated materials. My contribution was the green stain! So far I’ve planted two types of lettuce, cosmos, aubrieta and nasturtiums.
Our area had no new deaths today and the figure for the whole of France increased by 607 down from 833 yesterday. However it seems that lockdown will probably continue until the beginning of May with gradual de-confinement depending on the region.
Lya, aged 8, who lives in a village in Sologne, has shared a new photo of yesterday’s car.

Jean Michel vient de terminer la construction de deux châssis froids en utilisant uniquement des matériaux de récupération. Ma contribution est la lasure verte. Pour le moment j’ai semé de la batavia, du mesclun, des cosmos, de l’aubriette et des capucines.
Il n’y a pas eu de nouveaux décès en Loir-et-Cher aujourd’hui tandis que le nombre de nouveaux décès en France était 607 contre 833 hier. Mais il semble que le confinement se poursuivra jusqu’au début mai avec un déconfinement progressif selon la région.
Lya, huit ans, qui habite un village en Sologne, partage une photo de la même voiture qu’hier.

Aujourd’hui nettoyage de l’ extérieur à la brosse et su savon . La voiture marche très bien maintenant. J’adore ca ! Demain photo de moi au volant. Mon chien Tanos est à côté de moi.

Today I washed the car with soap and a brush. It’s working very well now. I love it! Tomorrow, a photo of me at the wheel. My dog Tanos is next to me.

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Those cold frames look the business! Well done J-M.
I don’t think anyone seriously expected the lockdown to end on 15 April. Everyone assumes it will be until the end of April for sure, maybe mid-May, then after that, too tricky to predict.

I half-filled the second one today with mange-tout, butternut, zucchini and pumpkin seeds.
I think they are adding on two weeks at a time to prevent discouragement but it seems logical to go at least to the end of the school holidays. If de-confinement is gradual as they say, our region should be among the first. We are very fortunate.

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