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Covid Deconfinement Stage 1 #4

No I didn’t go back into the centre of Blois today. I took this photo yesterday. The Bagel Corner was more reassuring than the jewellery shop. We took a walk through the woods this after noon to avoid the cold north wind, something we haven’t been able to do for several weeks.
No new deaths in our area today but the figure for France was high again, with 351 against 83 yesterday and 348 the day before. There is obviously a problem getting all the data in!
A major recovery plan is being launched for the tourism industry which is at a virtual standstill. I only hope it can be combined with a sensible attitude on the part of tourists but I have my doubts.
Non je ne suis pas retournée dans le centre de Blois aujourd’hui. J’ai pris cette photo hier. Le Bagel Corner était plus rassurant que le bijoutier. Nous nous sommes promenés au bois cet après-midi pour échapper le vent du nord, ce que nous n’avons pas pu faire depuis plusieurs semaines.
Pas de nouveaux décès en Loir-et-Cher aujourd’hui mais le nombre de nouveaux morts en France au cours des 24 dernières heures était 351 contre 83 hier et 348 le jour avant. Il doit avoir un problème pour recevoir toutes les données à temps !
Un plan de reprise majeure est annoncé pour l’industrie du tourisme qui est presque en arrêt total. J’espère seulement qu’on va pouvoir l’associer à un comportement raisonnable de la part des touristes. J’ai des doutes.

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I”m being a sensible tourist this year with regret we are missing France this year
this years holiday payment was due in early June but we will cancel we hate to do it but with threats of Quarantine being made and also we don’t believe that social distancing will possible on the ferry

I think it is sensible. We had a long talk about the holidays again today and it really doesn’t seem worth it. We already had to cut short our holiday in Crete going through international airports twice.

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