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Lockdown #2 Day 20 – Reconfinement Jour 20

I was most surprised to see this temporary sign erected by the local council on our walk today. It says « I’m clean – my master picks up after me ». Obviously too many dogs are being taken for walks by uncouth owners. This particular behaviour is not one of France’s most endearing traits.

J’étais surprise de voir au cours de notre marche aujourd’hui ce panneau temporaire érigé par la mairie. Il faut croire qu’il y a trop de maîtres rustres en train de promener leurs chiens en ce moment. Ce type de comportement est un trait français peu louable.

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Our street is having a particularly severe problem with this at the moment. Everyone is commenting. Dog poo bags are more and more used — but at least one person who walks their dog in our street chucks the bag into a small private alleyway that provides access to a barn set back from the street. The owner of the alley is reluctant to strim because he knows he will get a shower of dog poo. Really disgusting and thoughtless.

How revolting. I had a big problem in rue Puits Chatel because it’s the only street in the area that isn’t on a slope and the lazy dog walkers would sit and smoke at the bottom of the steps leading up to the cathedral and let their dogs off the leash to wander around. The council put up one of these signs for a while but it didn’t make much difference. It’s a major problem in France.

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