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Postcard from Eyrignac Manor Gardens

We saved the sunniest day to visit these family-owned gardens for 22 generations with their topiary inspired by 18th century designs. The only variation on green is white. The general impression is one of great calm, incredible vistas and lushness. We also had them mostly to ourselves.

Nous avons gardé le jour le plus ensoleillé pour visiter ces jardins qui appartiennent à la même famille depuis 22 générations. Les topiaires sont inspirées des modèles du XVIIIe siècle. La seule variation du vert est le blanc. L’impression générale est celle d’un grand calme, de panoramas incroyables et de luxuriance. De plus, nous étions presque les seuls visiteurs.

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Very impressive and very well maintained. Not easy with topiary, especially old topiary. I’m quite interested in how crisp all the shapes are. Often old topiary starts having a mind of its own.

We were interested to see what good shape most of the boxwood was in. I didn’t know about the crispness or I would have asked the cutter-gardeners who were there with their tape measures.

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