photo_60_batmanHelp me tell the story! The only clue is that the man in the red and yellow outfit has sign on his back that says “Qui suis-je?” – Who am I?

Today is theme day in the City Daily Photo community, where City Daily Photo blogs all over the world can post a February theme entry. See other interpretations of the entry theme from all over the world.

Aidez-moi à raconter l’histoire ! Le seul indice est le panneau sur le dos de l’homme habillé en jaune et rouge: Qui suis-je ?

Aujourd’hui les autres bloggeurs de la communauté de City Daily Photo peuvent choisir de participer à la “journée thème” de février. Pour voir d’autres interprétations du thème “hauteurs” à travers le monde, cliquer ici.

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7 comments on “CDP Theme Day – People in the street: Who am I? Qui suis-je ?

  1. Thib

    Is it a flashcode on his back?
    I’m in Blois today early afternoon! I’ll check 😉

    1. avril Post author

      Thanks. I should have put the whole story like yours!

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  3. Lauren Kennedy

    I have no idea but I do love seeing those boys and girls laughing as they are. A happy scene and a fun idea for theme day.

    1. avril Post author

      Thank you. The answer’s on the next post!

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