photo_86_fish_plateYou like it or you don’t! This platter with its eels and other fish, manufactured by an anonymous artist in the 19th century, is in the same style as Thomas Sergent’s majolica platters. Château de Blois Collection.

On aime ou on n’aime pas ! Ce plat à décor d’anguille, d’un artiste anonyme du 19ème est du même style que la faïence de Thomas Sergent. Collection château de Blois.


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2 comments on “The Fish Platter – Le plat à poisson

  1. Stuart

    I love the plates and platters made in this style. There are some in the Decorative Arts museum (at the Lourvre). They make me think of the modern crafts movement starting in the 60s and 70s in the US. Of course, now I realize some of their innovations weren’t necessary so new !

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