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The Key to Heaven – La clé du paradis

17th centu
I have already published a photo of Saint Pierre in Montlivaut. Today, while cycling, we were able to borrow the key from the grocery store opposite to visit the inside. During the internal restoration, 15th century wall paintings were discovered. One panel depicts the Trinity while the other shows Saint Denis’ last mass.
J’ai déjà publié une photo de l’église Saint Pierre à Montlivaut. Aujourd’hui en faisant du vélo, nous avons pu emprunter la clé à l’épicerie en face pour visiter l’intérieur. Lors de la restauration intérieure, des peintures murales du XVe siècle ont été découvertes. Un panneau représente une trinité, un autre la dernière messe de St Denis.
Here is the inside of the church which was restored in 2010. The wall paintings are on the left.
Voici l’intérieur soigneusement restauré en 2010. Les peintures murales se trouvent sur la gauche.
On the west of the church is a very large bell tower whose entrance dates from the 15th century.
L’édifice comporte à l’ouest un important clocher dont le portail date de la fin du XVe siècle. 
I really like this art deco stained glass window. I couldn’t find out anything about it.
Joli vitrail qui fait art déco. Je n’ai pas pu avoir d’autres renseignements.

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The window is signed on bottom left. That will tell you which workshop it came from and therefore a set of dates between which it could have been made. I can’t read it but you should be able to in the original photo.
It’s a lovely church, and those ones where you have to make the effort to borrow the key are always a bit of a treat.

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