This photo was taken from Vienne. You can see the cathedral on the right, Blois Castle in the middle, Gabriel Bridge and Saint Nicolas behind.

Cette photo est prise depuis Vienne. On voit la cathédrale à droite, le château de Blois au milieu, le pont Gabriel et Saint Nicolas derrière.

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5 comments on “Cherry blossoms on the Loire – Cerisiers en fleurs au bord de la Loire

  1. Susan Walter

    La fleuve soi-meme est vraiment belle, au-dessous le ciel beau et bleu.

    The river itself is really beautiful, under the lovely blue sky.

    1. avril

      Correction: Le fleuve lui-même est vraiment beau, sous le beau ciel bleu. [soi-même = oneself, you need to use lui-même or elle-même for itself]

      The water was actually what drew my attention in the first place. It was a deep turquoise which isn’t quite rendered in the photo.

  2. Stuart

    Have you moved to the left bank ?! This is another wonderful shot from there !

    1. avril

      We drive along the south bank as often as we can on that side of Blois because we love the view. Another exciting excursion to Bricorama!

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