This photo is taken in Blois looking across the Loire to Vienne with Gabriel Bridge on the right.

Cette photo est prise à Blois en regardant vers l’autre côté de la Loire à Vienne avec le pont Gabriel sur la droite.


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4 comments on “Looking across the river – Vers l’autre côté de la rivière

  1. Susan Walter

    One of my earliest memories of coming to this area is of sitting on the river wall here eating pastries for breakfast.

  2. Thib

    And according to the shadow, it’s late afternoon…
    …. and not today 😉

  3. avril Post author

    @William: yes, it’s my favourite bridge (out of three) in Blois
    @Susan: pastries for breakfast! how decadent.
    @Thib: Yes, late afternoon in November. It was so overcast and dismal yesterday that I needed something to cheer me up!

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