This amazing structure is Buland Darwaza or the “Gate of Magnificence” built in 1601 by the great Mughal emperor, Akbar, at Fatehpur Sikri, to commemorate his victory over Gujarat. The Buland Darwaza is the highest gateway in the world (53.63 m high) and an astounding example of Mughal architecture.

Ce bâtiment étonnant s’appelle Buland Darwaza ou la “Porte Sublime”, construite en 1601 par le grand empereur moghol, Akbar, à Fatehpur Sikri, pour commémorer sa victoire sur Gujarat. Buland Darwaza est la plus grande porte du monde (53,63 m de haut) et un exemple surprenant de l’architecture moghole..

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  1. avril Post author

    @William & Helen – the sad thing is that our guide (whom we had replaced for the next day!) discouraged us from going inside.

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