ldp_262_blois_midday_winterIt was very cold at the market this morning even under the midday sun. I felt sorry for the vendors.

Il faisait très froid au marché ce matin à Blois même sous le soleil de midi. Je plaignais les vendeurs.

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6 comments on “Midday Sun on the Loire – Soleil de midi sur la Loire

    1. avril Post author

      Yes, but isn’t it always cold in Canada 🙂 ?

  1. Katherine Houston

    Hi, I’m in Vancouver, BC, Canada’s warmest city. I’m thinking of moving to France. I don’t like heat. I’m enjoy some rain and I like “polite” snow – the kind that comes then goes. I was considering moving to Blois. When it snows – how long does it stay generally? I’d welcome your thoughts. Thank you!

    1. avril Post author

      Hi Katherine, considering that we are just coming out of a heat wave, with a week of temperatures well into the 30s every day, I’m not sure Blois is the place for you! I only remember one snow episode this year with the snow lasting a day or so. If you don’t like heat, I suggest you try Britanny, especially the west coast and go somewhere where it snows (the Alps, Massif Central or Pyrenees) for a week or so each year.

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