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October Theme Day for CDP – "details"

photo_66_golden_salamanderThis beautiful golden salamander, the emblem of François I, the Renaissance super hero, is to be found on one of the fireplaces in the Blois Castle. Check out what the other City Daily Photo bloggers have posted today on this theme here.
Ce beau salamandre doré, l’emblème de François I, le super-héro de la Renaissance, se trouve sur l’une des cheminées au château de Blois. Cliquer ici pour voir ce que les autres bloggeurs de City Daily Photo ont posté sur ce thème aujourd’hui.

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Thanks Stuart. I’m delighted to have joined the team. Now I just have to add the logo. I’ll give it another try.

Thank you, Hilda, for encouraging me to find out why! François I was not quite 20 when he acceded to the throne. He chose the salamander, reputed to be able to withstand and extinguish fire, and the motto “Nutrisco et extinguo” (“I nourish the good fire and extinguish the bad” or “I am nourished by the good fire and extinguish the bad”). However, although the overall meaning is coherent, interpretation is not unanimous. The “good fire” could be the faith and Christian love which “nourishes” the sovereign while the “bad fire” could be the lack of piety and sedition that he was constantly fighting against. In the Loire Valley with all its Renaissance châteaux, the salamander is everywhere.

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