Art Châteaux de la Loire Chaumont

Delft tiles in Chaumont – Carreaux de Delft à Chaumont

photo_42_delft_tiles_chaumontThere are some surprising details in these Delft tiles in Château de Chaumont. The second last row seems to depict a biblical story.
Il y a des détails surprenants dans ces carreaux de Delft au château de Chaumont. L’avant dernière rangée semble raconter une histoire biblique.

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The second last row depicts a number of biblical stories — Jacob wrestling with the angel, Noah’s ark, Samson bringing down the temple, and a mystery man carrying a pair of doors which I have no clue about. Delft tiles are always worth checking out as the range of subjects is huge and intriguing.
Any idea if these have been here since manufacture or did the lovely Charlotte Say install them in the 19thC?

Ah, thank you Susan. Unfortunately I have no idea if they were installed by Charlotte Say or not. Next time, I’ll ask.

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