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Seafood Starters – Entrée de fruits de mer

photo_43_fruits_merHere is the seafood starter at one of our favourite restaurants in Blois, L’Embarcadère. Clockwise: fines de claire oysters, prawns, shrimp, crayfish, shallot sauce, mayonnaise, whelks, salted butter.
Voici l’entrée de fruits de mer d’un de nos restaurants préférés à Blois, L’Embarcadère. Dans le sens des aiguilles d’une montre: huîtres fines de claire, crevettes roses, crevettes grises, langoustines, sauce aux échalotes, mayonnaise, boulots, beurre salé.

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It was as delicious as it looks – and I already had the photo on 1st February and it didn’t even occur to me to use it for the CDP theme day of Entry. I obviously have to learn to think outside the box.

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