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Zest of Jazz – Z'est jazz

photo_149_zestAn impromptu jazz band in our local square, Louis XII – the sort of band that makes you wish you could play with them.

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Un orchestre de jazz impromptu sur notre place locale, Louis XII: le type d’orchestre qui vous donne envie de jouer avec eux.

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5 replies on “Zest of Jazz – Z'est jazz”

What fun ! Was this yesterday? Fabulous weather for outdoor music. BTW there’s a cool rose festival this weekend in Chédigny (toward Loches)… also with outdoor music… and there’s a brass band festival next weekend in my town ! So much to see and do now.

Always a good moment to have a drink while listening to somme good jazz misic!
If you want more moments like this, don’t miss Jazzin’Cheverny, on June 26th to 29th!!

@William – indeed!
@Stuart – I have to confess it was not this year. We went to a rose festival closer to home. Yes, things are really stepping up!
@Rob – thank you
@Thib – what a pity we won’t be in the Loire at the end of June, but off cycling in Germany.

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