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Lavoir de Cour sur Loire

The last time we saw this washhouse built in 1875 in the middle of the hamlet of Vivier next to a fountain that supplies water to a little stream, it was pouring with rain. It was the perfect shelter for us and our bikes!
La dernière fois que nous avons vu ce lavoir construit en 1875 au centre du hameau du Vivier à l’emplacement de la fontaine qui alimente un petit ruisseau, il pleuvait des cordes. C’était un excellent abri pour nous et nos vélos !

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What an interesting wash-house – I’ve just returned from a long stay in Europe and whilst staying in Brittany we visited the village of Pontieux which had little wash-houses along the river bank. I would imagine it would have been very cold washing there in the winter months.

@Hilda – A wash house is where the women from the village would go to wash their clothes back in the days before washing machines. France has a very large number of them and they are usually well restored.
@William – Yes, I quite agree
@Stuart – I didn’t remember the hill though, which is surprising!
@Dianne – Brittany is one of my favourite areas in France. No, I wouldn’t have liked to be out there washing in the winter either!

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