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Bubbly coming up – Les bulles qui arrivent

This is the chenin blanc grape used to make vouvray wine, which can be dry, sweet or bubbly using the champenoise method. It comes from Anjou where it was mentioned as early as the 9th century and is probably named after Mont Chenin in Touraine. Many of the vines are very old.
Voici le chenin blanc utilisé pour faire du vouvray, qui peut être sec, moelleux ou pétillant (méthode champenoise). Il est originaire de l’Anjou où il est attesté dès le ixè siècle. Il obtiendrait son nom actuel du Mont Chenin en Touraine. Il y a beaucoup de vieux ceps.

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I think the Vouvray producers would disagree with you about the origins of the grape. The story I have been told is that Saint Martin brought it from Hungary to Marmoutier and it has been in Vouvray since the 4th century.

I wonder how the harvest will turn out this year with all the strange weather. I saw a report that the harvest in the south of France is expected to be good. Anyway, do you have any idea where Mount Chenin would be?

@William So far, the crop looks good but the awful summer weather could well spoil the wine.
@Susan I actually researched this quite a bit and found such conflicting stories that I tried to only talk about what seemed to be common ground. Since we’ll be buying some vouvray soon, I’ll see what our producer has to say.
@Stuart All the water probably won’t help. We’ll see, I guess. Mount Chenin is in Touraine near Corméry about halfway between Tours and Loches.

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