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The Windmill & the Pylon – L'éolienne & le pylône

photo_253_windmill_telephone_towerWhich do you prefer? the windmill or the pylon?
Que préférez-vous? l’éolienne ou le pylöne ? 

6 replies on “The Windmill & the Pylon – L'éolienne & le pylône”

Helen is right — it was my first reaction to the image too. I wondered if you were following our lead and doing Australian scenes on the weekend for your French readers 🙂
I agree with William. The windmill, even though it’s a fairly standard and functional one. Great thought and design effort went into creating each country’s high tension power pylons, but unfortunately because of the way they march across the countryside it is very difficult to love them. They have an unfortunate ‘War of the Worlds’ aspect to them.

Well, after a week of postcards from Lisbon, I thought I should find something more local – but I didn’t really succeed, did I? Of course, we saw the same windmills in Germany in July!
When we’re driving from Paris to Blois on the motorway, at one point, we have a field of wind turbines on one side and pylons on the other. Sigh.

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