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Petite cascade sur la Cisse

Little cascade on the Cisse River seen when cycling.
Petite cascade sur la Cisse vue du vélo.

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What’s with the French habit of mowing the edges only of many fields and wilder gardens? Is it because they like the boundaries to be clear for some reason? Are they preventing weeds transferring from one property to another? Is it to provide sight lines during the hunting season? I’ve never been able to work it out.
And I assume the nearer property is home to some sort of animals by the lack of grass. It’s not shady enough to prevent grass growing entirely, so there must be something that tramples it — sheep? pigs? poultry?

@ William and Stuart: yes, I thought it was really nice!
@ Susan: Now that I look closer, I see what you’re talking about. I have no idea. Next time we pass, I’ll try and see if there are other animals further away!

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