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Six Edible Mushrooms – Six champignons comestibles

These six edible mushrooms, collected in a forest about 1/2 hour from Blois, near Lancôme, are, from left to right in a spiral, Bordeaux cep, leccinum griseum, boletus (perhaps another leccinum griseum in a more advanced state), beefsteak fungus (also known as beefsteak polypore or ox tongue) and sweet tooth mushrooms (also known as wood hedgehog or hedgehog mushroom). Our total harvest was 2.2 kilos. 
Nous avons ramassé ces six sortes de champignons comestibles dans une forêt à une demi-heure de Blois, près de Lancôme. De gauche à droite en spirale, un cèpe de Bordeaux, un bolet des charmes, un autre bolet (peut-être également un bolet des charmes plus avancé), une langue de boeuf et des pieds de mouton. En tout, 2,2 kilos.

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And the little purple guys in the middle? Amethyst Deceivers Laccarius amethestina (Fr. Laccaire améthyste)? I’m off in a few minutes to help set up a fungi display in Sainte Maure. It’s on all weekend and excellent. You should visit it.

@William – Many people don’t pick the lesser known ones
@ Susan – You’re right – I forgot to name the Amethyst Deceivers. Jean Michel always picks them. I hope your display went well. It’s a bit far for us at the moment.

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