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Morning Visitors – Visiteurs du matin

This photo was taken by our friend and neighbour Françoise Courtet this morning from her bedroom window with her iPhone. The deer was then joined by two others. Since they are very timorous it’s difficult to get any closer.
Cette photo était prise par notre amie voisine Françoise Courtet ce matin depuis la fenêtre de sa chambre avec son iPhone. Ensuite ce chevrueil était rejoint par deux autres. Comme ils sont très peureux il est difficile de sen ‘approcher plus.

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@William – They are called chevreuil in French.
@Susan – Yes, we often glimpse them in our wood but have never managed to take a photo
@Helen – It is, isn’t it? But our part of Blois – Les Grouets – is not in the centre and is surrounded by lots of forests.

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