Blois Shops

Cake Concept

If you look at the left window of this shop, you’d hardly think you were in Blois, would you? 

Si vous regardez la vitrine de gauche de cette boutique, vous n’êtes plus à Blois, n’est-ce pas ?

4 replies on “Cake Concept”

The one thing that would make me wonder if it wasn’t in an anglo location is the word gourmandise on the right. That’s not much used or understood in the anglo world. But then the bulk of the evidence fits for an English location. The paving (colour, size of sets) at least suggests a European location. You could easily fool people with this photo 🙂

@William: I haven’t been to Canada, but I imagine English and French could be combined on a shop front. It’s much more unusual here.
@Susan: Yes, gourmandise on the right is a bit of a giveaway. I purposely cut out the shutters from above as they look very French!
@Stuart: I’m not a big fan myself. They say that trends hit France 10 years after the US. There is another cupcake place in Blois as well. I don’t know if there is any connection.

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