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The Camellia Bush – La camélia

I love camellias but we don’t have any in our garden. This one belongs to a neighbour so I’m going to plant one as well. I just have to find where!
J’adore les camélias mais nous n’en avons pas dans notre jardin. Celle-ci appartient à un voisin. Je pourrai donc en planter aussi. Il faut simplement trouver un endroit propice !

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beautiful photo and beautiful garden … in my case it would be better if I enjoyed by neighbors camellias rather than planning my own … my track record for successful gardening is very bad. (smile)

Thank you. I love gardening but sometimes it’s tricky. I’m sorry your attempts haven’t been very successful!

Love those camellias too, but we have no place either. Of course, we have no yard either. Just a terrace. But we do have roses and we’re happy with that. Good luck getting you camellia installed.

It’s nice that you have roses though. They’re wonderful, aren’t they? Another flower you could have is clematis because they don’t need much soil.

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