Blois Closerie Falaiseau Weathervane

The Moon and Feather – Lune et plume

Almost a full moon tonight with our lovely weather vane next to it. The weather vane was made by the previous owner who was a locksmith – hence the key. His wife was a secretary.The full moon is actually on Friday and will be a blue moon, which occurs when there is a second full moon in the same month*, which only happens every 2 or 3 years, whence the expression “Once in a blue moon”.
*It’s actually slightly more complicated than that. You can read the explanation here.
Presque la pleine lune ce soir à coté de notre belle girouette. Elle était fabriquée par le propriétaire précédant qui était serrurier ce qui explique la clé. Sa femme était secrétaire. La pleine lune aura lieu vendredi et sera la deuxième ce mois-ci, une occurrence assez rare qui ne se produit que tous les deux ou trois ans.. En anglais, on l’appelle “lune bleue” qui a donné l’expression “once in a blue moon”, un peu l’équivalent de “tous les trente-six du mois”

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Such a lovely capture with your weather vane Rosemary. The Blue Moon rises here at 5.10pm and a group of my friends will be here to share a glass of bubbly as it rises.

I forgot to mention that Jean Michel took this photo so I shall pass on the compliment. I checked and ours rises at 7.19 pm so we will drink to it tonight too.

I didn’t realise that a moon could “rise” because you sometimes see it in full daylight. I didn’t know the origin of “blue moon” either until I wrote the post.

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