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A Very Strange Window – Une fenêtre très étrange

I have never seen a window like the one in the middle of this photo, that is, a mullion window (with a cross-piece) above a door. From the surrounding stone, it looks like it is an original feature. Taken in Vienne in Blois.
Je n’ai jamais vu une fenêtre comme celle qui se trouve au milieu de cette photo, c’est-à-dire, une fenêtre meneau au-dessus d’une porte. Vue la pierre autour, on dirait qu’elle est d’origine. Photo prise en Vienne à Blois.

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The whole thing is odd, the more you look the more peculiar the arrangement is. At first I thought it was a 16th C house and the window was there to light one of the new fangled straight staircases. Once I opened the post though I could see the house wasn’t anywhere near that old. I wonder if it is an 18th C house that has been altered to accommodated a change in street level in the 19th C. At a guess I would say the window is original and once matched the other first floor windows. The front door has been moved up and cribbed a bit of the window above. It must open on to a double height hall or a staircase all the same, otherwise you would have the floor crossing the top of the door. Look how odd the proportions of the garage door compared to the front door is, and the proportions of the ground floor to the first floor.

Yes, I was wondering if the garage wasn’t an addition, using the same stones as would have originally surrounded the windows, only wider. If the door has been moved, it must have originally been very low. However, the wrought iron is not the same above and below which is an indication that it is not original.

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