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Joan of Arc Again – Jeanne d'Arc encore

I know that I posted a photo of this statue of Joan of Arc by American sculptress Anna Hyatt Huntingdon in December but we went back to the bishop’s garden in Blois so I could take a better photo. Remember it’s the sculpture that was too good to be the work of a woman!!!!
Je sais que j’ai déjà posté une photo de cette statut par l’Américaine Anna Hyatt Hungtindon en décembre mais nous sommes retournés au jardin de l’évêché pour que je puisse prendre une meilleure photo. Rappelez-vous que c’est la sculpture qui était trop bien pour être l’oeuvre d’une femme !!!!

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Modern depictions of Joan always show her as slim and boyish, but there is a story (backed up by at least one medieval illustration that I know of) that she had a substantial bosom, which caused problems for the armourers, who didn’t quite know how to fashion her breastplate.

Thanks for the link. Dare I say, ‘How American’ re the last one. I certainly hadn’t imagined her being someone so young. There was a statue of her in Quebec, which was much more feminine, hence my comment.

If ever you go to Chinon, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the collection. I don’t know if Joan of Arc would have liked the American version!

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