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Art Nouveau Windows – Fenêtre art nouveau ?

These two windows are astonishly on the first place of the bishop’s house I mentioned a couple of days ago. They look like art nouveau but there appear to be crosses in the upper panes.
Ces deux fenêtres se trouvent, de façon inattendue, au premier étage de l’évêché dont j’ai parlé il y a deux ou trois jours; On dirait de l’art nouveau mais il semble avoir des croix dans les vitres tout en haut.

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They are odd aren’t they? The rounded corners on the panes for instance, and not just on the patterned windows. Are they leaded lights? I can’t work out how they are made from your photo. Are they maybe a film on the glass? I’d say they are 20th century, but what decade I wouldn’t hazard a guess. They could be as late as the 60s I reckon, but if you told me they were 1910 I’d believe you.

I have been looking for you on Midi en France (broadcasting from Blois this week), but alas have not seen you. We’re thinking of coming over but not sure if access is open or if you have to have a ticket (or know someone). It’s on replay for a week online (I sent you a link earlier) if you’ve missed it so far.

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