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Arches Everywhere – Beaucoup de voûtes

I found all these arches rather amusing, particularly the cable around the one on the left and the little one in the middle.
Je trouve toutes ces voûtes amusantes surtout le câble autour de celle de gauche et la toute petite au milieu.

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I thought it might be a niche, too, but I think it’s more likely to be ventilation. Can you see there is a wrought iron grill over it?

Are we talking about the door bell connected through the top little window? I think the curve of the cable around the window is rather wonderful. A lot of modern (or modernized) buildings have very ugly connections for their electricity.

Yes, the cable around the solid door isn’t bad at all. We have seen some horrendous electrical installations, especially in the eastern European countries. I have a horrible power line right in my line of visiion. I’m waiting for the day they put them all underground. I could be waiting for a long long time …

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