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Al Fresco in Blois – Manger en terrasse à Blois

51_alfresco_bloisIn the end, I did get up on Saturday morning to go to the market. The sun came out but I don’t think it would have been more than 10°C at lunchtime. I’m sure some of these tables on Place Louis XII were taken though! Today it is grey and miserable again …
Finalement je me suis levée samedi matin pour aller au marché. Le soleil est sorti mais la température à midi ne devait pas dépasser 10°C. Je suis sûre pourtant que ces tables sur la place Louis XII ont dû attirer du monde. Aujourd’hui le temps est encore triste et gris.

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No they don’t have heaters (they have a covered area for that) or rugs and the food is nothing wonderful but when you’ve been cooped inside for six months, it’s very tempting!

Same here! I think you will be doing it sooner than me. There isn’t a blanked word for Al Fresco in French. Depending on the context, you would say “en terrace”, “à l’extérieur”, “sur le balcon”, etc.

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