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Fiber's Coming – La fibre arrive

299_autumn_dayI’m very pleased to announce that we will soon have a fiber connection for our Internet and will be able to remove the television antenna which I feel somewhat mars the beauty of our house and weathervane. Not that we have a TV.
Je suis très contente d’annoncer que nous aurons bientôt la connexion fibre pour notre internet et pourrons enlever l’antenne de télévision qui nuit à la beauté de notre maison et sa girouette. Et nous n’avons même pas de télé.

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@William – Thank you
@Helen – I’ve heard about them!
@Lesley – Having fibre means TV and the Internet. Because of where we live, the only TV is normal French TV which seriously isn’t worth the trouble. At present, we can’t even watching streamed films on the Internet. All the Internet systems here include TV only we are the furthest away from an antenna that you can be so can’t get TV. Today we booked our appointment to be connected to fibre. It doesn’t cost any more than our current subscription to Orange and my allowance on my iPhone will increase from 3 GB to 30 GB at the same time. It’s going to take 3 hours for them to get everything set up apparently!

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