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Day #16 Postcard from Denmark – The Wave

When I saw this building on a website I knew I had to see it live. Fortunately it was on our way from Copenhagen to central Jutland today. Completed last year after a few hiccups, this waterfront apartment complex in Vejle is the work of Henning Larsen Architects, a Copenhagen-based architecture firm. The building consists of five rounded towers and covers nearly three and a half acres. The complex holds over one hundred luxury apartments, and also features a public pier with the aim of revitalizing the area’s waterfront. Each tower consists of nine identical floors, creating the appearance of a single unified building across all five “waves“.
Lorsque j’ai vu cet immeuble sur un site web je voulais absolument le voir. Heureusement il se trouvait sur notre route entre Copenhague et le centre du Jutland. Terminé l’année dernière après quelques aléas cet immeuble en bord de l’eau a Vejle est l’œuvre de Henning Larsen Architects. Chacune des cinq tours comporte neuf niveaux identiques pour créer l’impression d’un seul bâtiment qui forme cinq vagues. Il y a cent appartements de luxe.

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