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Covid Confinement Day 6

In our neck of the woods, there have been very few cases of covid 19 but the people in our street, like this father and daughter, are respecting all the rules of lockdown. In many larger towns, a curfew has been imposed from 10 pm to 5 am while all of France’s beaches, hiking trails and forest roads are closed to the public in an endeavour to get people to avoid places that tend to get crowded.
A total of 28 cases have been declared in our administrative district (Loire et Cher). The first was declared on 10th March in a school at Pontlevoy. There have been no deaths so far.

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Thank you for posting about how it’s going. Here, in a small town (20,000) in the middle of the state of Texas, not near any metropolitan areas, there are now 2 positive cases out of 7 tested; 4 negative.
When life is lived on a small scale, these numbers do not seem small, espcially considering the exponetial rates involved. Bars and restaurants have been closed across the state by order of the governor. The mayor of my town has declared a “state of disaster” due to the medical situation – which essentially gives the city the power to quarantine, as well as other measures. So far, there are no restrictions on travel or “ingress or regress” …

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