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Covid Confinement Day 17

I have posted photos of the Denis Papin staircase on several occasions but it’s never been this empty! Just two elderly people keeping their distance. Today I discovered we can order vegetable plants from a local nursery – it will be faster than growing them from seed.
No further deaths in our area today and the total number of new deaths in France dropped from 509 to 471.
There is much talk about what will happen with school leaving exams this year as preparation needs to begin now which is impossible during lockdown.
J’ai posté plusieurs photos de l’escalier Denis Papin ici mais jamais avec si peu de monde! Juste deux vieilles personnes qui gardent les distances.
Il n’y a pas eu de nouveaux décès en Loir-et-Cher aujourd’hui et le nombre total de nouveaux décès en France est passé de 509 à 471.
Beaucoup de discussions ont lieu sur le sort du baccalauréat puisque les préparatifs doivent commencer maintenant, chose impossible avec le confinement.

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in my 2nd week of furlough tomato plants arrived from somewhere in the south of England ,local garden centres are closed, some seeds are growing in a spare bedroom, the allotment has never had so much care and redecorating is underway in the kitchen.

Today they promoted vegetable seedlings and seeds to essential goods! People can’t go to their allotments here at the moment so we are lucky to have a garden. Good luck with the kitchen redecorating!

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