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Covid Confinement Day 31

It’s been so warm this year but the lilac is fading fast. These are taken from our three lilac bushes.
The total number of deaths in our area is now 28 compared with 27 yesterday. The number of new deaths in France was 753 slightly down from 2 days ago. Everyone is planning the end of lockdown.
Il a fait tellement doux cette année que le lilas n’a pas duré longtemps. Ces belles fleurs viennent de nos trois lilas.
Le nombre total de décès en Loir-et-Cher est 28, contre 27 hier. Le nombre de morts supplémentaires en France au cours des 24 dernières heures était 763, légèrement moins qu’il y a deux jours. On planifie le déconfinement.

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Your spring blossoms are uplifting. I hope the numbers continue to decline.
This Oz’s stats for today.
Of the 6,523 confirmed cases in Australia, 65 have died and 3,819 have been reported as recovered from COVID-19. More than 391,000 tests have been conducted across Australia.
It will be interesting to see if there is a spike in another week as a result of Easter. Thankfully it seems the majority have done ‘Stay at home, with social distancing.’
Stay safe!

The Oz stats are very good. I’d love to know why the countries suffering the most are Italy, Spain and France, all Latin countries but excluding Portugal, plus the UK and US.

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