Blois covid Market

Covid Deconfinement Stage 1 #6

The local market in Blois opened again today. Most people were wearing masks and respecting social distancing. It felt safer than the jewellery shop or the supermarket. I was surprised though that the cheesemonger wore neither a mask nor gloves but her large market truck means she is naturally higher up than her customers. The Italian stall was the best – the vendor wore both a mask and gloves and disinfected the credit card terminal after each customer. The contactless amount has been increased from 30 to 50 euros.
No new deaths in our area and a total of 96 new deaths in France today, which is 2 less than the total number of Covid deaths in Australia since the beginning of the Pandemic. In France 27,625 people have died from Covid 19, 19432 patients are currently hospitalised and 2132 are in intensive care.
Le marché Louis XII à Blois a eu lieu de nouveau aujourd’hui. La plupart des personnes présentes portaient des masques et respectaient la distanciation physique. On se sentait plus en sécurité que chez le bijoutier ou au supermarché. J’étais surprise de voir que la marchande de fromage ne portait ni masque ni gants mais son camion de marché l’éloigne déjà plus qu’un étalage à sol. C’est le marchand italien qui était le plus prévoyant. Il portait un masque et des gants et il désinfectait la borne de la carte bleue après chaque client. Le montant sans contact est passé de 30 à 50 euros.
Pas de nouveaux décès en Loir-et-Cher aujourd’hui tandis que le nombre de nouveaux morts en France au cours des 24 dernières heures est descendu de 104 à 96, deux de moins que le nombre total de décès en Australie depuis le début de la pandémie. En France le bilan total de décès est 27 625 depuis le 1 er mars, 19432 personnes sont hospitalisées et 2132 sont en service de réanimation.

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The cheese truck person at Preuilly market doesn’t wear mask or gloves, even though masks are mandatory. It means she is breathing over the cheeses and over you — being higher up is no advantage and possibly a bad thing. Droplets get swirled around and eventually drop or attached to something. But as I said to Dotty, if you want to encounter someone not in a mask, someone who works in a dairy as probably as good as it gets. They have to be totally on top of hygiene for surfaces and hand washing if nothing else.

Canada is probably being more circumspect than France and some of the other European countries who are anxious to get the economy going again.

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