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A Museum in Sologne – Un musée en Sologne


Yesterday was cold and windy so we stayed home and worked so we could go to Romorantin today instead. It was still windy but the sky was clear and it was warmer at 12 degrees Celsius (54 F). Romorantin is the capital of Sologne, known for its ponds and venison. It is also the name of a traditional French variety of grape now used exclusively to make cour-cheverny wine. Here you can see two of the city’s water mills built in the 16th century which now house the Museum of Sologne. The 12th century Jacquemart Tower below guarded the southern entrance.

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Travelling between our home in France and the UK required, sometimes, passing between Vierzon and Orléans, we never made a stop to explore the Sologne. Romorantin shall be on the list when I am able to come back for a holiday tour.

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