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Snowdrops & Daffodils – Perce-neiges & Jonquilles

My back garden in Blois

A very late happy new year for 2022! I’ve been in Boston visiting my beautiful 5-month old grandson for the last two weeks and as you can see from the second photo, the view of my son’s back garden taken just after the recent blizzard, is very different from mine. It may be colder in Massachusetts but the sky is nearly always blue. However I would find it hard to have so many months of winter. The snowdrops and first daffodils at the beginning of February are always a great boost for the morale.

Je vous souhaite, un peu tardivement, une excellente année 2022 ! Je rentre de Boston ou j’ai passé deux semaines de bonheur avec mon adorable petit-fils de cinq mois et comme vous pouvez le constater sur la deuxième photo, la vue du jardin de mon fils prise juste après le dernier blizzard, est très différente de la mienne. Il fait peut-être plus froid dans le Massachusetts, mais le ciel est presque toujours bleu. Cependant, je supporterais difficilement autant de mois d’hiver. Les perce-neige et les premières jonquilles début février sont toujours un bon remontant.

My son’s back garden

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We had the first snowdrops over a month ago now and anything to remind us of a New Year is good. I hope your visits to Boston are easier to manage these days is there much ‘paperwork’ required?

Hi Lesley, I needed a negative antigen test to enter the US, taken the previous day. I stupidly had a PCR done (both are free here if you have a Carte Vitale) and received the results at midnight which was slightly nerve-wracking. On the way back, the same rule applied, somewhat ludicrous if you consider that France has about 350 000 positive cases a day. The antigen test cost me a whopping 139 dollars (here it would have cost an American 40 euros) and I had the results 15 minutes later. Exactly the same as the auto test you buy here for less than 2 euros a piece. Entirely political of course.

And a happy New Year to you, Avril. It has certainly got off to a great start with your 2nd Boston visit.
It always amazes me that these bulbs can burst forth and flower when it is still so cold.
My son’s garden has a metre of snow covering it.

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