photo_100_ombres_lumiereWith rain most days at the moment, “Shadow and Highlight” was more than a challenge and I didn’t want to use my archives. This is looking across the Loire in Blois towards the neighbourhood known as Vienne. For other takes on this month’s City Daily Photo Theme Day, click here.

Avec la pluie quasiment tous les jours en ce moment, “Ombre et lumière” était un vrai défi si je ne voulais pas utiliser mes archives. Cette vue du quartier “Vienne” est prise depuis les rives de la Loire à Blois. Pour d’autres versions de la journée thème de City Daily Photo ce mois-ci, cliquer ici.

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12 comments on “CDP Theme Day – Shadow and Highlight

  1. nathalie.avignon

    Your photo definitely shows where the cloud is casting its shadow, and the highlight on the bridge, so it fits the bill perfectly. Congratulations for not using your archives – I didn’t do the same, unfortunately.

  2. Lesley

    Our river, The Dordogne, is wider, deeper and muddier than usual at the moment. I don’t think the sun has been out once today for any shadows to form.
    I wish I could show you a photo of Hank Marvin on stage in a spotlight.

  3. avril Post author

    @William – I love that view
    @Jim – Thank you
    @nathalie.avignon – It isn’t always easy to find an up-to-date shot on theme day, I agree.
    @Helen – It’s mainly the rivers around it that are posing problems!
    @Stuart – We nearly did!
    @Lesley – We don’t seem to know what the sun looks like any more! Why don’t you send me the photo and I’ll publish it with credits to you?
    @Tanya @ Merisi – Thank you
    @Bob – Yes, it did. I quite agree!

  4. Kalpanaa

    Oooooh Gorgeous. I wish I was there under those storm clouds with the dappled waves in front of me,

    1. avril Post author

      Well, now they’ve brought flooding!

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