The fresh produce market in Blois was still on today. Our organic vegetable farmer was present and had carefully organized things to respect social distancing. Two people were selling while a third looked after the till. The stalls were also spaced out. Our usual vendors were there – cheese, bread, eggs, Italian produce, coffee, fruit and vegetables but no oysters or fish. Jean Michel went alone (wearing his mask), to respect the one-person-per-household-shopping rule while I stayed home and made Anzac biscuits.

He was stopped on the way by motocycle police to have his self-declaration checked. This is a government form that you print out, date and sign, indicating the reason for your presence outside the home. He had actually left without it and came back to get it before the police stopped him. There is a fine of 135 euros if you don’t have it!

He then went to the supermarket and was able to buy vegetable and flower seeds that we were not able to buy from the gardening store yesterday as they are only allowed to sell pet food for some unknown reason.

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7 comments on “Covid Confinement Day 5 – The Market

  1. Susan Walter

    The fine has increased to €375. Municipalities have been told to keep markets open, although individual producers can choose to stay away.

    1. avril Post author

      I didn’t know they had increased the fine but I agree.

  2. Michael Summers

    We don’t have this yet, as of yesterday there is no where to socialise all bars restraunts etc are all closed schools were all closed the other day

    1. avril Post author

      Michael remind me where you live in the UK.

  3. William Kendall

    Our farmers market is taking a couple of weeks off. Things here haven’t progressed to mandatory quarantine, but a lot of places are closed.
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    1. avril Post author

      I guess they have kept the market to keep local producers going.

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