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Three Generations on the Market – Trois générations au marché

We were delighted to discover that we could buy our favourite Italian delicacies on the market in Blois on Thursday and Saturday. The most senior of these three lovely ladies had come to buy goodies from her daughter and grand-daughter. She is the president of the Loir et Cher Franco-Italian cultural association,
Nous qui aimons l’Italie sommes ravis d’avoir trouvé un marchand italien sur le marché de Blois le jeudi et le samedi. La doyenne de ces trois belles femmes venait faire ses courses chez sa fille et petite fille ! Elle est présidente de l’association culturelle franco-italienne de Loir et Cher :

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I assumed that the Italian stall at Loches would be the same people as at Blois, but it clearly isn’t. Still, I was impressed by their pannetone and gnocchi at Loches. The Blois people seem to stock a bigger range of goodies.

The stall in Blois has over 10 different sorts of ravioli. I’ve never seen such an excellent selection. We buy them up in advance and freeze them. You just throw them straight into the boiling water afterwards. There is a different vendor in Amboise, with mainly fresh products, but not quite as much choice. He’s a real Italian though!

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