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The Long Longère

photo_199_longine_sologneA longère is a long farmhouse built on ground floor level. This one has the typical semi-arched windows you find in Sologne and is exceptionally long!
Une longère est un bâtiment rural, de forme basse et allongée. Celle-ci a les fenêtres en demi-arceaux typiques de la Sologne. Elle est exceptionnellement longue.

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That’s a real exemplar of the type, with people on the right and animals on the left. It’s so perfect it makes me think it’s a 19thC ‘model farm’ type of construction. Older ones are usually much more higgledy piggledy, with random bits added over time. Alternatively, it might be on a big monastic farm and originally have been all barn. The windows on the right might have been altered.

@William – I think everything has a name in French!
@Stuart – Yes, I like them too. I’d love to have one but we don’t have a building that corresponds
@Susan – How can I find out if it’s a “model farm” construction or a monastic farm? Nothing to indicate anything, of course.

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