Châteaux de la Loire River views

Amboise Royal Castle in Summer – Château royal d'Amboise en été

photo_227_chateau_amboiseIle d’Or in the middle of the Loire offers the best view of Amboise Royal Castle in my opinion. You can find lots of other photos of Amboise on Amboise Daily Photo.
A mon avis, l’île d’Or en plein milieu de la Loire offre la meilleur vue du château royal d’Amboise. Vous trouverez d’autres photos d’Amboise sur Amboise Daily Photo.

4 replies on “Amboise Royal Castle in Summer – Château royal d'Amboise en été”

I’m so sad to notice that I already started mixing up the castles. I can’t remember exactly the interior of this one, I’ll have to refer back to my photos…. That means I’ll have to go again to visit them, right?

@William – It’s certainly my favourite.
@Anda – You’ll definitely have to visit again! I need to return to both the interior of Château d’Amboise and Clos Lucé
@Stuart – Yes, the clouds were very cooperative. You’re very welcome for the link.

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