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CBD Theme Day – French Rust Collection – Rouille à la française


Second-hand markets probably contain the highest percentage of different types of rust. This photo was taken at the monthly market in Blois.

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C’est dans les brocantes qu’on trouve surement le plus grand pourcentage de différents types de rouille. Cette photo est prise à la brocante mensuelle de Blois.

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10 replies on “CBD Theme Day – French Rust Collection – Rouille à la française”

@William – it certainly is!
@Paul – we have a super rust remover that lessens the elbow grease time.
@Stuart – they can go in your rusty workshop!
@Stefan – we already have quite a collection ourselves.
@Halcyon – oui, c’est une excellente source!
@Stephanie – the only thing that isn’t rusted?
@cieldequimper – Excellente!

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