Blois Woods and forests

All Saints Day in Blois Forest – Jour de Toussaint en forêt de Blois

This lovely forest photo was taken on All Saints Day by my friend and neighbour in Les Grouets, Paul Courtet.
C’est  mon ami et voisin aux Grouets, Paul Courtet, qui a pris cette belle photo de forêt le jour de la Toussaint.

6 replies on “All Saints Day in Blois Forest – Jour de Toussaint en forêt de Blois”

@ William – I love the forest here and Paul captured it perfectly
@ Susan – I think you might mean “feutrée”.

I suppose so. I thought I had read this expression somewhere and I latched on to it as being a lovely evocative description that there isn’t an English equivalent for, meaning something like ‘leafy light’. Anyway, I can’t find it anywhere so I assume it doesn’t exist — shame…I must have (mis)heard and misinterpreted it on television.

Very good! However, in that case it would have been feuillé (which also doesn’t exist). Maybe the expression was actually “lumière filtrée”?

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