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Two Men at the Market – Deux vendeurs au marché

When I took this photo of my favourite biscuit maker at the market – Sablés Les Grouets – the sausage vendor opposite was jealous, so I took his photo as well!
Lorsque j’ai pris cette photo de mon fabricant de gâteaux préféré au marché – Sablés Les Grouets – le vendeur de saucisson en face était jaloux, alors j’ai pris sa photo aussi!

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I love how French artisans are always delighted when you want to take their photo. They take it as a sign you are interested in them and their product in an entirely positive way. No false modesty, no dodging the photo in an overly coy manner. Fun.

@William – then you’re not a vegetarian
@Susan – absolutely! The biscuit maker knows about the blog but not the saucisson man but when I told him I’d be publishing the photo, it didn’t post the slightest problem.

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