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City Daily Photo Theme Day – Bicycle

The Loire Valley, with the Loire à vélo cycling route, is a popular region with cyclists and part of the Eurovelo 6 route which goes from Saint Nazaire on the Atlantic Coast to the Black Sea, a total of 3653 kilometers, along the Loire, Rhine and Danube Rivers, going through France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania (we’ve been as far as Budapest).
As we are keen amateur cyclists, I had many photos to choose from but I decided on this one for two reasons. The bike itself is rented from the local municipality and it tells a story. The scene is the Saturday market in Blois.
BTW, yesterday was the second annivesary of Loire Daily Photo which started out as Blois Daily Photo.
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La vallée de la Loire, avec la Loire à vélo, est très aimée par les cyclistes. Elle fait partie de l’Eurovelo 6 qui s’étend de Saint Nazaire sur la côte Atlantique à la Mer Morte, un parcours de 3653 kilomètres, le long de la Loire, le Rhin et le Danube, qui passe par la France, la Suisse, l’Allemagne, l’Autriche, la Slovaquie, la Hongrie, la Croatie, la Serbie, la Bulgarie et la Roumanie (nous l’avons emprunté jusqu’à Budapest).
Comme nous faisons beaucoup de vélo, j’avais l’embarras du choix aujourd’hui mais j’ai choisi cette photo pour deux raisons : le vélo est loué à l’agglomération de Blois-Chambord et elle raconte une histoire. La scène est le marché de samedi à Blois.
Puis hier c’était le deuxième anniversaire de Loire Daily Photo qui a commencé comme Blois Daily Photo.
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18 replies on “City Daily Photo Theme Day – Bicycle”

We didn’t do it all in one go, of course and some bits we did twice because we went up one side of the river and down the other. Hoping to go continue from Budapest in September. We’ll see.
No, there are no bicycle helmet laws here at all.

I was actually congratulating you on your blogoversary. Now when I reread your blurb, I think I must have had a ‘senior’ moment. Too envious to say well done on the cycling. So awesome.

With all your walking, you don’t need to be envious! I can’t wait do go on another “bike trip”.
Thank you for the blogoversary congratulations.

And only recently did I send some photos of some little towns along the Loire River and suggest to my friends that perhaps they would be interested in doing a cycling and holiday adventure in the region. I put it to them they we would travel by bike to different towns, resting and exploring in the town for a couple of nights and then biking on to the next town.

Thank you for much. I don’t have a “perfect” daily blogging score though.
We’re hoping to continue the challenge this year.

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