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Lucky Luke

Lucky Luke is a well-known and well-loved comic book character created by the Belgian cartoonist Morris in 1946. He subsequently worked with René Goscinny of Astérix fame until his death in 1977 then with other cartoonist until his own death in 2001. French artist Achdé has been drawing it ever since with the help of other writers. 81 albums have been published with translations into 23 languages.
The name Lucky Luke may appear strange to an English speaker but in French the vowel sounds in both words are the same.
Ce n’est pas la peine de présenter Lucky Luke. Crée par Morris en 1946, il y a désormais 81 albums traduits en 23 langues.

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We saw this when driving around Blois looking for a park near a pharmacy on Wednesday (Ha! Not a chance!!). I commented to Simon that I wished I’d had my camera out (it was in the boot) so I could have taken a shot of the steps.

I took this photo during the Saint Nicolas fair last week so could stand in the main road. I took other photos a bit closer, with no people standing in the wrong places but the perspective is no good. I was rather disappointed because I waited a while for people to move (and took a good photo at someone’s request as well!).

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