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Lockdown #2 Phase 2 – Day 16 – Reconfinement Phase 2 – Jour 16

One of the things we enjoy about the Saturday market is our coffee and cake stop. Jean-François still has his coffee stall but no tables of course. Fortunately we have found this little corner away from the madding crowd.

L’une des choses que nous aimons bien au marché de samedi est notre pause-café et viennoiserie. Jean-François tient toujours son stand café mais il n’y a pas de tables bien sûr. Heureusement que nous avons trouvé ce petit coin loin des foules.

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I love the fact that you ran both English and French. My granddaughters are in French schools and I’m going to show them your blog. I’m going to look at more of your posts. These posts of yours might be appreciated by lots of language students. Thank you. — you might have a book here.

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