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Bears at the Market – Des ours au marché

Blois Market

We have a new curfew across the country from 6 pm to 6 am. With 21271 new cases today and 76 in our immediate area (Loir-et-Cher), we need to be very careful. We found little respect of social distancing at the market today but everyone was wearing a mask, although not always on their nose, or when drinking coffee or smoking.

Le nouveau couvre-feu a commencé aujourd’hui partout en France de 18 h à 6 h. Avec 21 271 nouveau cas dont 76 dans notre département de Loir-et-Cher, il faut faire très attention. Nous avons trouvé peu de distanciation au marché même si tout le monde portait le masque. Certains ne couvrent pas le nez et d’autres enlève le masque pour boire un café ou fumer, sans s’écarter des autres.

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Everyone is wearing a mask in the greater Brisbane area at present, to prevent the spread of the UK strain that has manged to slip in via returning Queenslanders. Thankfully, so far, all cases are now in isolation.
I love the bears.

Sort of Pole Dancing Bears! I’m suprised that they are not wearing their masks, lots of Christmas decorative Santas, polar bears, deer and snowmen were sporting them in peoples gardens.
We are not all wearing masks in the street but certainly wear them in shops. I suspect that if I shopped in a food market situation ie outside, I would be wearing mine. 2m rule plus and dog walking at odd times is my life.

Yes it was somewhat remiss of them. I would have thought masks were compulsory everywhere in the UK at the moment. You have to wear them in all town centres now. When we went walking this afternoon we started in a town of about 1700 people. We wore our masks but took them off as soon as we left the centre. We were home well before 6 pm.

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